Disco Solista Richard Carpenter
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Produced by Richard Carpenter. All selections conducted by Richard Carpenter.
Concertmaster: Jimmy Getzoff
Recorded at Capitol Studios
Recording Engineers: Charlie Paakkari and Armin Steiner - except "Sandy" and "Flat Baroque", engineered by Ray Gerhardt and Charlie Paakkari; and "Time", engineered by Roger Young
Mixed at Capitol Studios by Charlie Paakkari and Richard Carpenter
Assistants: Eric Cowden, Steve Genewick, Dan Thompson and Will Donavan
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Art Direction/Design: Chuck Beeson
Photography: Reisig & Taylor

A very special thanks to Ron Gorow, without whose talents this album would have been much more difficult for all involved to have executed.


​ 1. Prelude
​ 2. Yesterday Once More
​ 3. Medley
​ 4. I Need To Be In Love
​ 5. Sandy
​ 6. Time
​ 7. For All We Know
​ 8. One Love
​ 9. Bless The Beasts And Children
​ 10. Flat Baroque
​ 11. All Those Years Ago
​ 12. Top of the World
​ 13. We've Only Just Begun
​ 14. Karen's Theme

​ Dedicado a la memoria de Agnes Carpenter, 1915 -1996

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